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Practicle solutions for operations, rolling stock and infrastructure

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About us:
Roots Merling
Merling is a Dutch limited company with roots going back in the Dutch railways and Dutch municipal transport. It is a networked
organization that seeks to mobilize a package of knowledge and experience that adds value to its clients.

Merling brings together a network of managers and professionals with broad rail experience throughout Europe and beyond. The roots of Merling go back into the Dutch railways and The Hague municipal transport company.
Therefore the scope encompasses heavy rail, light rail and high speed rail operations, rolling stock and infrastructure. hsl-infra


Merling provides the expertise for operators, infrastructure managers and public authorities to be able to ensure safe, effective and efficient investments and operations. Read more..

Rail can provide highly efficient and sustainable transportation and mobility solutions for both passengers and freight.
In most cases the infrastructure and part of the operation is financed by public authorities.
Since investments are high and operations are complex the operators, infrastructure managers and public authorities that are involved need to safeguard an effective and efficient implementation of its investments and the accompanying operation.

Merling provide the expertise for operators, infrastructure managers and public authorities to be able to exercise its role as a professional principal of transport and infrastructure companies.


Value proposition

Merling advisors can introduce parties to experience, know-how and best practices on transportation planning, infrastructure, rolling stock & contract management. Read more...
When a public transport authority, operator or infrastructure manager moves to a new area or encounters problems with the existing rail system this calls for the best know how, experience and practices.

Merling adds value for its clients by offering assessments, evaluations and second opinions of:

  • Transportation planning: from strategic planning to timetable design
  • Infrastructure development: specifications, tender documents, bid evaluation, design
  • Rolling stock: fleet planning, procurement, maintenance
  • Contract management: contract design, target setting, performance management
New challenges could be the introduction of light rail or high speed rail, new rolling stock, power systems or signalling systems, but also organisational aspects like the introduction of competition on rail or in contracting.


Merling work with the best experts, well known with the Dutch Railsystems & operations and able to provide practical solutions for other railsystems.


Merling associates have been involved in projects in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Projects include high speed rail, heavy rail and light rail infrastructure, rolling stock and operations. Read more...

Experience of Merling associates include:

  • Transport operations (both freight and passengers, including e.g. safety management, transport planning, performance management and marketing);
  • Infrastructure development, design, construction, operation and maintenance; heavy rail, high speed and light rail; civil engineering, electrification, signalling and station design);
  • Rolling stock planning, specification, procurement, operation and maintenance.


Experience of Merling and associates include:.....
  • Network RandstadRail(NL); introduction new trams and upgrading the railnetwork
  • Utrecht Uithoflijn (NL); exension of the existing netwerk including new low floor trams
  • RijnGouweline (NL); TramTrain connection between Gouda -Alphen to be extended to Noordwijk, including operations, rolling stock, maintenance & workshop
  • RandstadRail (NL); LightRail connection between Den Haag - Zoetermeer and Den Haag - Rotterdam, including rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Amsterdam Metro(NL); Upgrade of the metro network including rolling stock and signalling and safety systems
  • Amsterdam NZ-line(NL); New underground metro connecting North & South Amsterdam, including, Tunnelinfrastructure, stations & tunnel systems
  • Zwolle-Kampen(NL); Tender preparation for LightRail connection incl procurement of new rolling stock for NS
  • RegioTram Groningen(NL); Tender preparation for LightRail connection in city of Groningen for NS
  • High Speed Line (NL/B); New infrastructure including bridges & tunnels, new rolling stock and operations
  • Limburg Train-sets(NL); Procurement and implementation of new rolling stock
  • Sprinter LightTrain for NS(NL); Procurement and implementation of new commuter trains for Dutch Railnetwork
  • Ramley line Alexandria (Egypt); Feasibility study for the upgrade and extension of the City Tramline network for HTM
  • LightRail Amman-Zarqa (Jordan); Tender preparation for development, operation and maintenance for lightrail line including infrastructure, rolling stock and operations
  • Sprinter LightTrain for NS(NL); Procurement and implementation of new commuter trains for Dutch Railnetwork
  • TramTrain Gouda-Alphen(NL); Procurement, implementation, operation of TramTrains between Gouda and Alphen for NS/HTM